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We believe healthy, happy people are the core driver of thriving families, strong economies and the overall prosperity of the Greater Green Bay community.

So we’ve made it our mission to create action-oriented, collaborative efforts to foster a culture of health and well-being.

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We turn ideas into positive outcomes.

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Understand our community

Wello measures individual perspectives in the areas of physical, mental, social and community well-being to gain insight into how people are feeling.

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Craft solutions and initiatives

From research comes actionable solutions to improve well-being. Wello lays the groundwork for programs that help people eat better, move more and build social and community connectedness.

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Bring people together

Then we put those ideas into motion. Wello calls on the Greater Green Bay community to add their input and lend their unique skills and passions to a common vision. There is no we without you!

Building on past success

Any community project worth doing is almost by definition too big for one organization to tackle alone. But when the diverse perspectives and strengths of multiple groups come together, much is possible. That’s why Wello focuses on being the glue that brings our community together to create a well-being movement where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. So, anywhere you see Wello in action, know we are not working alone. We are supported by subject experts, community advocates and seasoned non-profits across Greater Green Bay. That’s why Wello begins with, and celebrates, our community’s WE.

Here are some of our recent community Wins

Year-Round Access to the Fox River Trail

Wello helped mediate an agreement to make the Fox River Trail accessible during the winter months through a collaborative snow removal plan. It is just one part of our initiative to build a community that prioritizes walking and biking as viable transportation and exercise options for all ages and abilities.

Farmers Markets for All!

Over the past four years, Wello, along with several community partners, advocated for low income individuals to be allowed to use food assistance dollars (SNAP) at Green Bay farmers markets. Each year, this initiative increases access to fresh, local foods for an estimated 2,000 low-income community members and generates more than $26,000 for local farmers.

Everybody On the Bus!

Based on our belief that a thriving public transit system is essential for active living and equitable prosperity, Wello assisted in the creation of a collaborative agreement between Green Bay Metro Transit and Green Bay Area Public Schools to allow students to ride city busses free of charge.

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