Say hello to wello!


We believe healthy, happy people are the core driver of thriving families, strong economies, and the overall prosperity of the Greater Green Bay community.

Wello is a well-being network, helping our community thrive by mobilizing people while connecting organizations and resources to identify and solve complex problems that negatively affect quality of life.

This is our community.


Say hello to wello!


We believe healthy, happy people are the core driver of thriving families, strong economies, and the overall prosperity of the Greater Green Bay community.

So we’ve made it our mission to create action-oriented, collaborative efforts to foster a culture of health and well-being.

This is our community.


Wello in Your Community

Are We Growing Lifelong Learning for All?

This month our well-being focus is life-long learning.  Research suggests that simply developing a new interest or picking up a new hobby or skill as an adult – or continuing to hone and nurture an existing passion – pays dividends…


Be There *AND* Be Square

Question for you.  What have you done in public this month? While it might sound silly, it’s an important question.  As Greater Green Bay’s well-being network, Wello wants people to know how powerful it can be for your own, and…


You Voice, Our Well-Being

We have been anxiously awaiting summer’s arrival. Yes, the warmer temps, community events and an abundance of outdoor activity top our list, but also because we our launching Wello’s Community Well-Being Survey!  Maybe the word “survey” doesn’t make you want…


What people are saying.

What does well-being mean to you/ why does it matter to you?

“Being well means spending time with loved ones and always trying to find something new to experience in life.”

— Jennifer G.

“Being well means consciously acknowledging your mental, physical and emotional health.”

— Tawny C.

“Being well is more a feeling than something that can easily be put into words. It’s a sense of happiness and strength in mind and body.”

— Matt B.

“Being well means being at peace and honoring your mind, body and soul.”

— Molly O.

“I believe the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle is surrounding yourself with great people, pushing yourself towards a goal, and always looking up.”

— Nate S.

“When you put your health and well-being first, everything else becomes a little bit easier.”

— Sherry F.

We are the dot connectors.

Wello focuses on being the glue that brings our community together to create a well-being movement where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Circle chart that shows the Rally, Individual Well-Being inside the Innovate, Organizational Well-Being inside the largest Measure, Commuinty Well-Being circle
  • Measure

    To take action, we need to know where are starting.

    Wello conducts countywide measurement in the areas of physical, mental, social and community well-being. This allows us to implement data-driven, local plans of action to address root causes prevent people from being as healthy as possible.

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  • Innovate

    Together, we take action.

    Wello drives to help people eat better, move more and build social and community connections. Multi-sector work teams develop local solutions to improve health and well-being. We operate under a philosophy of “I do,” We do,” “You Do” promoting sustainable change.

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  • Rally

    There is no we without you!

    Wello gives people an opportunity to lift up their voices and lend their skills, passions and unique strengths to a common vision.

    The Well-being Influencer Network (WIN) provides online and in-person tools to spread and scale well-being throughout Brown County.

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