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Archive for August 2018

Limes Limes Everywhere!

5 people holding Lime bikes in Green Bay

I took my first ride on a Lime Bike last weekend.  Here’s how it went down. My extra-long Sunday morning walk had started great, with cool temps and passing clouds.  But by the time I started home, the lovely northern Wisconsin morning had morphed into a “South Florida” mid-afternoon.  As I stood sweating, slightly irritated…

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Living Into Livability: What’s the GGBACA?

person putting bike helmet on a child

We’ve written before about the opportunity we see for the Green Bay area to capture a significant share of the “affordable urban” lifestyle brand springing up across the nation.  In a nutshell, the lifestyle folks are seeking – active environment, ecologically sustainable, mixed-use  downtowns with residential, restaurants, shops and groceries – is based on places…

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