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Archive for May 2019

Well on Wheels

Well on Wheels Community Story Well On Wheels is a joint project between Wello and WE BIKE, etc. to explore the ties between well-being efforts in Green Bay and those blossoming across the country.  As our friends Tracy and Peter Flucke tackle a 5-month, 7000 mile cross-country tandem bike ride, Wello is following their progress,…

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Self-Care or Community Care?

Self-care, the act of carving time out for health, relaxation, friend and family time, is indisputably essential for overall well-being.  Yet self-care requires a few things to be an effective strategy. First, an individual must have “extra” time, live in an environment in which self-care is possible, and have the resources (physical, mental and/or economic)…

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Wello Win at Preble: The Ripple Effect

Yesterday, in the midst of teaching mindfulness to 900 Preble students as part of the high school’s first-ever Wellness Fair, I had an “aha” moment: It’s really, REALLY hard to teach mindfulness to a gym full of high school students.   You may think I am joking, but I am actually quite serious.  Students in our…

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