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Archive for March 2020

The Potential Benefits of Boredom

Thanks to the coronavirus, a lot of us are pretty bored right now.  Kids are bored because they can’t hang out with their friends or play sports, and grown-ups are bored because we’re all caught up on email for the first time in months and there’s only so much Netflix one can binge before you…

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Connecting For Well-Being – Pregnancy

Our latest “Connecting for Well-Being with Wello” chat discusses what it means to be pregnant in the midst of a pandemic with OB/GYN Dr. Kristin Lyerly of Women’s Care of Wisconsin. Dr. Lyerly shared that there is still a lot we don’t know about the virus and how it is transmitted, but based on the…

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Connecting For Well-Being – Coping

As Wello continues its Connecting For Well-Being Series, we bring you Regan A. R. Gurung Ph.D, Professor of Psychological Sciences at Oregon State University and formerly of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to discuss coping through the current COVID-19 outbreak as well as a free course that OSU is offering that is open to the…

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Connecting For Well-Being – Education

Wello aims to help our community social connect during a time of social distancing. To do that, we will be hosting our Connecting For Well-Being Series featuring community members who will share their stories during the current COVID-19 outbreak. To kick off our series we have Carla Buboltz, Superintendent for the Wrightstown Community School District.…

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Science of Well-Being: Flatten the Curve

Have you seen the hashtag #flattenthecurve trending on your social media feed?   The “curve” in question reflects the number of people infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the idea is that there are two scenarios.  One, we go about business as usual, which will result in a huge number of people coming down with the virus…

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