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Archive for April 2020

Connecting for Well-Being: ADRC of Brown County

Our latest Connecting for Well-Being chat features Devon Christianson, Director of the Aging and Disability Resource of Center of Brown County! She discusses the current state of the organization and how they are adapting their services to continue to serve their vital role in our community. “This has only become ever more evident to all…

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Connecting for Well-Being: Managing Time

Check out our latest Connecting for Well-Being chat “Managing Your Time Mindfully” with community advocate and well-being life coach, Corey Torres! Learn how to take steps to make the most of your time during COVID-19. “Structure looks a lot different right now,” Corey said. “You have to find ways to be mindful of your activity…

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Guest Community Story

Exploring Social Connection, Diversity, and Trust’s Influence on Well-Being – Part I My name is Marina Delbecchi (she/her/hers) and I am the Community Outreach Intern with Wello. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I am diving into the concept of social capital and ways we can build it here in Green Bay. I’ll be reading…

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Connecting For Well-Being – Local Farmers

The latest Connecting For Well-Being chat features Sheri Howard, Co-Founder and General Manager of Seasonal Harvest LLC to discuss the impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on local farmers and how they are responding. Sheri says some local farmers are now doing home deliveries and adds, “We keep people in business and keep that flow going,…

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