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Archive for May 2020

Connecting for Well-Being: Post-Pandemic Greater Green Bay YMCA

“Programming from a YMCA standpoint is suppose to, when it’s being done right, reflect the needs of the community,” said Sean Elliott, CEO of the Greater Green Bay YMCA. He joins Wello for our latest installment of our Connecting for Well-Being series. Sean discusses the new safety measures in place to open up several of…

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Connecting for Well-Being: We’re All Connected

“I’m fond of saying that you can do anything with friends and during this time away from a lot of my connections, I recognize how much I have gleaned from those relationships. I recognized that I have been given queues in relationships on how to do better by myself,” said Renita Robinson, CEO of YWCA…

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Connecting for Well-Being: Being Active in the Community Safely

“With the pandemic, our world has gotten turned completely upside down, but we’ve always said the ability to walk and bike creates more resilient communities and we have just literally in the last month proved that concept,” said Peter Flucke. Our latest Connecting for Well-Being series video features Peter Flucke and Tracy Flucke of WE BIKE, etc. sharing tips on how…

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