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Yield to Your Neighbor

The number one action we can all take to improve safety and reduce crashes throughout our community is yielding. The Yield to Your Neighbor campaign highlights this one action so people of all ages and abilities are able to safely move throughout our community by bike, foot, or on wheels.

So why yield? Because it's safer for all, it's courteous and the right thing to do, and it's the law which can enforce this.

Yield to Your Neighbor Launch

The campaign will consist of sharing resident stories, experiences, and reasons for why it is so important to yield from residents throughout Brown County. You'll find those stories here and through Wello's social media platforms. It will also highlight work of partners that are contributing to make a safer and more connected community.

Want to get involved in the campaign? Email us at!


Crosswalk Education and Enforcement or "Frogger" Events

As part of the Yield to Your Neighbor campaign launched last month, Wello is proud to once again partner with the Brown County Sheriff's Office, Green Bay Police Department, and De Pere Police Department to host the three Regional Crosswalk Education and Enforcement events or “Frogger” for 2021.

The purpose of these "Frogger" events align with the goal of the Yield to Your Neighbor campaign to highlight yielding as the one action we can all take so people of all ages and abilities are able to safely move throughout our community by bike, foot, or on wheels.

The three events for 2021 will take place:

Thursday, June 24 - Click here to view times and locations

Thursday, July 22 -

Thursday, August 19 -

Why I yield to my neighbor

History of the campaign

A key driver of a healthy, well and economically vibrant community is the built environment - the human-made spaces that people live, work and recreate in on a day-to-day basis. This environment can promote good health, well-being and economic activity or detract from it. Wello’s 2019 Brown County Resident Health and Well-Being Survey identified a more walkable and bikeable community as a key component of what resident’s indicated would improve the well-being of their neighborhood. In addition, our Brown County Community Healthy Panel as well as partners in this work have shown us that during the COVID-19 pandemic, more members of are community are walking and biking regularly. 

In response to this, Wello and dedicated community partners saw the need to launch an educational campaign to ensure people felt safe while being active which can lead to an easier and more enjoyable experience. This campaign aims to create a community that promotes a culture of active, connected living in diverse ways—where walking, biking, and rolling are safe and accessible options for residents of all ages and abilities.

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