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Archive for December 2023

Expanding Wholesale Markets for Disadvantaged Farmers

Developing systems that connect  local food producers to local food needs is an emerging strategy for increasing healthy food access while simultaneously supporting small, local farms.  Wisconsin has led the way nationally with an ever increasing number of state, federal and privately-funded  programs that link Wisconsin farmers to food pantries, food banks and to CSA-style…

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Farm to Community

Farm to Community Out of the box thinking is at the heart of Wello’s work to create links between local producers and people who need food in the community. For the past three years, our multi-sector Cultivating Community Farm to Food Assistance team has operationalized the distribution of locally-sourced, organic produce boxes to families in…

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Processing and Logistics

During the USDA Farm to School grant period, it became clear that due to staffing shortages, most schools require produce to be minimally processed. In other words, given the choice between buying a whole local cucumber or a sliced, non-local cucumber, the sliced product is always going to win. That’s a big barrier, as food…

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Farm to School

Farm to School has been a staple in Brown County schools for over a decade with Wello facilitating a Farm to School Task Force that brings in local funding to support the schools and creates a space for the sharing of ideas. Farm to School has long focused on education to increase the understanding of…

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Improving Well-Being for All to Thrive: Wello 2023 Recap

All People. Thriving. No Exceptions. This mantra has acted as our north star in 2023 as we have expanded and deepened our commitment to collective well-being here at Wello. With the New Year on the horizon, we wanted to dedicate this column to celebrate, express gratitude, and set a bold vision for our future.   Cultivating…

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