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Our mission

  • Wello's purpose is to co-create community conditions that are fair and just to drive high levels of health and well-being for all.

    We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be their best self and live their best lives. Together, we are building a legacy of well-being.

Our Values

  • Equitable Prosperity

    We strive to ensure all voices in our community are heard and valued. Everyone, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, education or the neighborhood they call home, deserves the opportunity to participate, prosper, be well, and reach their full potential.

  • Community-Driven

    We elevate aspirations and priorities and then build the capacity of all residents, organizations, businesses, and municipalities to contribute their unique strengths.

  • Shared Risk, Work, and Celebration

    We grow trust by sharing work and risks and celebrating each other’s successes. We are committed to practicing mutual respect, supporting each other’s unique roles, and engaging in dialogue.

  • Hope and Inspiration

    Taking action to enhance community conditions and mindsets requires optimism, creativity, and determination. To ignite a movement, we will foster hope, inspiration, innovation, and courage to act.

  • Meaningful Measurement

    We are results oriented with the diligence to measure what matters and use that data and feedback to make necessary adjustments over time.

  • Long-Term Commitment

    Challenges are expected and welcomed. Wello is concerned with generational change which will require robust community engagement and innovative solutions, all focused on the greater good.

Our community commitment

Wello represents a community commitment to the health and well-being of the Wisconsinites that call Greater Green Bay home. Three elected officials have come together to issue a joint proclamation highlighting our collective value of health as foundational elements of healthy kids and families, a healthy workforce and a healthy, thriving economy.

Meet the team

Portrait of Natalie, Wello team member

Natalie Bomstad

Wello! My name is Natalie Bomstad and I serve as the Executive Director for Wello. I am responsible for overseeing the execution of our strategic plan by developing partnerships that result in equitable, innovative and sustainable approaches to foster a culture of health and well-being for all in Greater Green Bay. I also focus on implementing effective policies, systems, and environments to address health to increase the reach and impact of Wello. I would categorize myself as a lifelong learner driven by curiosity and a passion for action.

Portrait of Mario, Wello team member

Mario Gonzalez

Wello! My name is Mario Gonzalez and I’m the Communications and Marketing Manager for Wello. My work relates to the storytelling component of our organization. I handle our communications ranging from writing press releases, newspaper columns and designing reports to running our social media accounts, managing our website, and creating content. Other responsibilities include working with media, representing Wello at community events, and serving on various committees in the area.

Portrait of Beth, Wello team member

Beth Heller

Wello! My name is Beth Heller and I am the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the organization. It's my job to help forge and support the collaboration ( or the "We" as we like to call it) that results in equitable, inclusive and innovative efforts to move the needle on well-being for all in Greater Green Bay. My education background includes a Masters Degree in Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Chicago and 20+ years of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Rogelio Contreras

Rogelio Contreras

Wello! My name is Rogelio Contreras and I'm the Community Project Coordinator for Wello. I'm here to support the implementation of Wello's portfolio of well-being projects for the Greater Green Bay. This also includes connecting and mobilizing the community-led action that advances Wello's mission. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. We are raising a fun, happy, and really passionate one year old son, that has helped us increase our patience and see life in a different perspective.

Leadership team

Jacob Bauman
Carla Buboltz
Tiffany Christensen
Rachael Cochart
Joe Faulds
Sarah Inman
Shoua Lee
Kristin Lyerly
Kelly McBride-Moore
Jared Samuels
Jennifer Schnell
Jayme Sellen
Nicole Slavin

Research team

Jenell Holstead
Jamie Lynch

Our story

Say Hello to Wello

Wello has a decade of experience working in Greater Green Bay to improve health and well-being. Formally know as Live54218, we have accomplished many projects, together with our community, to create change.

A growing body of research combined with local, on-the-ground experience confirmed the importance of place and social determinants (the structural conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age) on our health and well-being. Health and well-being happen (or don’t) in our communities meaning your zip code can have a greater impact on your health, well-being and life expectancy than your genetic code. Place matters.

We have adapted our strategic plan to better meet our community's needs ensuring everyone can achieve their full potential by focusing on the root-causes of what creates equitable, healthy communities.

Wello embraces local community context, traditions, and assets all while innovating for the future. Wello builds upon our past successes: a proven track-record of bringing collective strategies to scale and catalyzes the work of other individuals, groups and leaders. This emphasis on community organizing leverages the science of behavioral psychology, specifically how and why individuals make decisions, to improve the well-being of Greater Green Bay. Most importantly, to be effective, this approach demands an authentic equity lens. For this reason, we actively seek to connect with and amplify leaders and voices from all parts of Greater Green Bay’s diverse community.

Well-being starts with we.