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There is no we without you!

Community-driven change requires time, trust and relationship building. Wello gives people an opportunity to lift up their voices and lend their skills, passions and unique strengths to a common vision. There is no we without you! Strong community health and well-being begins with authentic community engagement.

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Let’s build well-being together.

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Are you someone who wants to play a role in creating a community that values well-being? Do you have life-experiences, expertise, or skills that give you a unique perspective on what helps individuals and communities thrive? Do you care about Greater Green Bay and the people that call it home?

If so, Wello’s Well-Being Influencer Network (WIN) needs you!

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Winter Well-Being

What if you picked up the Green Bay Press Gazette and saw a headline that read “Study Shows Green Bay Area Winters Promote Superior Fitness Levels in Community?”   Honestly, it’s not that far-fetched of a concept, we’re just used to hearing the opposite message: that the long, cold Wisconsin winter prevents us from being as…


Tips for Holiday Well-Being

Holidays promote social connectedness, but they can also promote stress.  Here are a few tips for staying cool, calm and jolly during the holiday season!   1. Stay active. Hit the local downtown scene for some holiday shopping. Holiday decorations and sales beckon, but we can make our holiday a bit more active by adding an…


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