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There is no we without you!

Community-driven change requires time, trust and relationship building. Wello gives people an opportunity to lift up their voices and lend their skills, passions and unique strengths to a common vision. There is no we without you! Strong community health and well-being begins with authentic community engagement.

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Let’s build well-being together.

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Are you someone who wants to play a role in creating a community that values well-being? Do you have life-experiences, expertise, or skills that give you a unique perspective on what helps individuals and communities thrive? Do you care about Greater Green Bay and the people that call it home?

If so, Wello’s Well-Being Influencer Network (WIN) needs you!

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Put a Pandemic on Your Plate

For 15 years, the International Food Information Council’s Food and Health Survey has polled U.S. consumers with the goal of surfacing their perceptions, beliefs, and practices around food and food purchasing decisions.  It’s a good read in any year, but this year the survey took place against the backdrop of a global pandemic and included…


Can Cutting Curbs May Make Us Healthier?

No, that’s not a new fad diet.  When we talk about “curb cuts,” we’re talking about a concept from the science of community well-being first outlined by Angela Glover Blackwell in her article “The Curb Cut Effect,”  published  in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) in Winter 2017.  In the piece, Glover challenges the widely…


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