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Farmers Market Information

Farmers Market Information

The farmers that live and grow food in our region are an important community resource.  Not only is locally grown produce more nutritious than produce that is shipped in from a distance, it is better for the environment because less fuel is needed to bring it to market.  

Wello is proud to work with our local farmers markets and Hospital Sisters Health System to make access to fresh fruits and vegetables easier and more affordable through EBT and the Farmers Market and Double Your Bucks market incentive program!  

Farmers Market on Broadway

Market on Military

OnBroadway Farmers Market Schedule
Market on Military Schedule

Oneida Farmers Market

Saturday Farmers Market

Oneida Farmers Market Schedule
Downtown Green Bay Farmers Market Schedule
Market Bucks Did You Know

How it Works

  1. 1. When you arrive at the market, look for the information booth.  There will be a large blue and green checkered flag that says “EBT Information.”
  2. 2. Ask to use your Quest card and the Double Your Bucks program.
  3. 3. Tell the attendant the amount of money you would like to receive from your Quest card balance.
  4. 4. The attendant will swipe your Quest card for that amount and provide you with market dollars in exchange. 
  5. 5. You will also receive up to a $10 match in Double Your Bucks (DBY) bills that you can use to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. 6. Look for the vendors that have EBT Accepted signs and start to shop!
  7. 7. Note that vendors cannot provide change for market bucks or DYB.

Tips for Getting the Most from the Market

Shop around: Tour the market first and adjust your menu based on what is there. Having a list can be helpful but be prepared to be flexible based on availability. 

Buy seasonally: Learn what’s in season. These items will usually be more abundant and therefore cost less. 

Shop in bulk: When appropriate, shop in bulk. Asking if a vendor has a discount on bulk items can help you save. Be careful not to buy excess which will go to waste. 

Become a regular: Getting to know the farmers can help form a relationship that later could result in better deals. They can also be a great resource for learning about new foods and how to cook them. 

Arrive early:  For best selection, shop later for better deals: Early in the day results in best selection. Later in the day, farmers work to sell residual products so as to not have to bring them home, often resulting in deals. 

Go regardless of the weather: Cold, rain, or extreme heat can drive away customers. Many farmers advertise lower prices to sell more products when less customers are present. 

Bring the kids: They may be more likely to try something new if they have picked it out themselves. 


The 'Double Your Bucks' program is sponsored by Hospital Sisters Health System.