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Well-being in the workplace!

Does your company or organization value the well-being of your employees? Do you want to attract and retain employees with purposeful connection and engagement to community well-being efforts?

If so, Wello’s WIN Experience is just what your business needs!

What to expect

Receive a 30-60 minute presentation. Can be done during the lunch hour.

Build office camaraderie and morale while learning something new about your team.

Share individual perspectives and life experiences about well-being.

Spread well-being outside of the office doors by learning how to connect to well-being initiatives in the community.

What are businesses saying?

WIN with ISG

“"[We] connected and discussed how to utilize Wello's initiatives in the workplace, and how my workplace can engage in the community. It is so important to have those relationships and networks and I am so pleased to have such passionate members in my community. Wello came into our office for the WIN Experience and everyone left feeling inspired. Not only did we become aware about how Wello interacts with our community and surrounding areas, but we discovered many nuggets of knowledge about each other.""

— Kelsey with ISG

“Thank you so much for joining us at our wellness committee meeting yesterday.  It was great to hear about all of the wonderful things that you are doing in the community, keep it up.  We were all very impressed.  [We] also really enjoyed the activity that you went through with us.  It was really neat to get to learn more about each other."

— Amber with the City of Green Bay

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