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Together, we take action on our values.

From an idea to action, Wello is your strategic partner for implementing community-driven solutions for our community’s well-being. Our strategy supports innovation and action that drives measurable results.

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Where's Wello?

Wello work teams

Wello work teams help people eat better, move more, and build social and community connectedness. Work team members are local people dedicated to improving quality of life in Greater Green Bay. And everyone is welcome.

Work teams are designed to be fluid and respond to the needs of the community. Three current work teams are highlighted below.

Greater Green Bay Active Communities Alliance

Goal: To create an active, connected community for all by focusing on engineering, education, and enforcement.

Place matters. How our environment is designed and built is an important aspect of well-being. Inclusive, connected communities and public spaces like parks and trails improve economic activity and our health.

Members represent residents, municipalities, education, businesses, and nonprofits.

Watch the video for one example of our work team in action.

Farm to School Taskforce

Goal: To build capacity in our schools to serve more locally grown, healthy food on the lunch tray and encourage kids to eat it through nutrition education, gardening and taste-tests.

Healthy food is central to well-being. When high-quality, healthy food is accessible to everyone,regardless of race, income, or zip code, we all thrive. Eating healthy food improves academic success, mental and physical well-being and supports the local economy.

Work team members include all Brown County school districts, local producers, businesses, nonprofits, and residents

Watch the video for one example of our work team in action.

Social and Community Connectedness

Goal: To build trust, collaboration, and sense of purpose to reduce stress, anxiety, and isolation in our community.

When we connect with each other, we increase our well-being and are less prone to stress and anxiety. Connection also builds positive energy and resilience through learning from one another and celebrating the diversity of the Greater Green Bay area. Getting involved with the community through things like civic engagement and volunteering creates positive change.

Our current focus is in school settings working with educators, residents, nonprofits, and businesses.

Watch the video for one example of our work team in action.

Would you like to get involved?

If so, email us at with the subject line “work team.”