There is no we without you!

Community-driven change requires time, trust and relationship building. Wello gives people an opportunity to lift up their voices and lend their skills, passions and unique strengths to a common vision. There is no we without you! Strong community health and well-being begins with authentic community engagement.

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Let’s build well-being together.

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Are you someone who wants to play a role in creating a community that values well-being? Do you have life-experiences, expertise, or skills that give you a unique perspective on what helps individuals and communities thrive? Do you care about Greater Green Bay and the people that call it home?

If so, Wello’s Well-Being Influencer Network (WIN) needs you!

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Are We Growing Lifelong Learning for All?

This month our well-being focus is life-long learning.  Research suggests that simply developing a new interest or picking up a new hobby or skill as an adult – or continuing to hone and nurture an existing passion – pays dividends in length and quality of life. But the benefits of adult continued learning are not…


Be There *AND* Be Square

Question for you.  What have you done in public this month? While it might sound silly, it’s an important question.  As Greater Green Bay’s well-being network, Wello wants people to know how powerful it can be for your own, and others’, well-being to participate in public life of the community.  And by public we don’t…


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