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We are co-creating community conditions that are fair and just to drive high levels of health and well-being for all.

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Well-being starts with WE.

We conduct a bi-annual resident health and well-being survey.

We share that data with our community.

We work with network partners to identify and co-create innovative solutions to improve health and well-being.

We work to amplify the ideas that are most effective at creating sustained change.

Our individual health and well-being is largely determined by the community we live in.
Place matters.

Our zip code is a greater predictor of our health and life expectancy than our genetic code. Up to 80% of what makes us healthy and well is determined in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, places or worship and jobs. It is influenced by our policies and our community structures. By improving our community, we can directly improve the health of its residents.

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We turn ideas into positive outcomes.

  • Understand our community


    We prioritize local, subjective measures of well-being because it values and centers community voice.

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  • Craft solutions and initiatives


    Local data drives local action. Our network strives to ensure diverse perspectives inform community well-being work.

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  • Together we make change


    Then we put those ideas into motion. Wello calls on the Greater Green Bay community to add their input and lend their unique skills and passions to a common vision. There is no we without you!

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Well-being with wello

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The Greater Green Bay Community

Our work and initiatives support communities within and surrounding the City of Green Bay and throughout Brown County, Wisconsin. From urban to rural, bikes to food, we strive to improve the health and well-being of every neighborhood, every sector, and every person.

Measuring well-being to help Greater Green Bay thrive.

We believe that data and up-to-date metrics play a large role in crafting solutions that create lasting change. Wello’s daily mission is to improve overall community health and well-being. To track our progress, we are implementing a countywide measurement tool that will capture how actual people in Greater Green Bay feel about their lives.

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Projects that help us all live a little better.

A big part of our work is to identify and tell the well-being stories happening in our community. Read about our projects that help us all live a little better.