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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Now, more than ever, it’s important that we work collaboratively to protect the well-being of Greater Green Bay’s residents, particularly those individuals and communities in greatest need.

Wello is committed to continuing to stand for well-being and activating our network during this time of social distancing to facilitate virtual connection.

We understand that many people, families and businesses are suffering during these uncertain times - physically, emotionally, and economically. In an effort to do what we can, we will continue to share resources as they become available and provide hope to cope with this uncertainty.

Brown County Resident Well-Being

As part of Wello's 2019 Community Health and Well-being Survey, a group of individuals representative of Brown County signed up to receive ongoing questions throughout the year. The following shows the responses of COVID-19 related questions. 



Felt social distancing for slowing the spread was "very or extremely important."


Felt their personal risk of catching the virus was "medium, high or very high."


Felt the virus would affect their health if infected "somewhat, very, or extremely seriously."


Felt bored "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" in the last week.


Felt tense or nervous "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" about their day in the last week.


Worried about their family having enough money for basic expenses "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" about their day in the last week.


Felt sad or blue "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" about their day in the last week.


Worried about their physical health "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" in the last week.


Took a walk "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" in the last week.


Felt joy "sometimes, almost everyday, or everyday" about their day in the last week.

Well-Being Heroes

These are individuals, businesses, or organizations that deserve to be recognized for their continued efforts to build community, share kindness, and restore hope during this time of uncertainty. Submit your Well-Being Hero stories by emailing us at

"I nominate Operation Community Cares as a Well-Being Hero. The group of volunteers was established within one week of the Governor's "Safer at Home" order. Operation Community Cares (OCC) is a Brown County coalition dedicated to helping the Greater Green Bay area in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as any future, local public emergencies, such as natural disasters. It quickly established partnerships with Brown County United Way, the ADRC, Cellcom, and Paul's Pantry, just to name a few, to provide a way for those affected by the pandemic to communicate their needs for food, baby products, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, etc. OCC has also provided a means to get the product to the community members in need."

— Steve Herro, Bay Area Community Council

"This last week has been so inspiring to see our teachers really shine in a time of crisis. Rewriting curriculum to put everything online digitally would have taken us 6 or 8 months. But because we knew we needed to do it now, our teachers, our administrative team, our IT team, our food service team with one day turnaround figured out how to serve our kids breakfast and lunch, they made things for our kids as normal as they could."

— Carla Buboltz, Wrightstown Community School District

"Even though at the expense of losing a lot of money, it (Oregon State University) is doing things for its students that is just in the students’ best interest. In these hard times, it is just inspiring to see leadership at the University, really thinking about people first and the financial bottom line second."

— Regan A. R. Gurung, Oregon State University (formerly of UW-Green Bay)

"Knowing what my colleagues are dealing with, both those who are in the trenches now and those of us who are waiting for things to happen and trying to prepare as best as we can with limited resources, they inspire me everyday. Celebrating all the doctors and the nurses and the lab techs and the environmental services people, everybody that it takes to make sure that we have what we need to take care of ourselves during this pandemic."

— Kristin Lyerly, OB/GYN Women's Care of Wisconsin