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Well-Being Influencer Network (WIN)

Well-being starts with we. And we need you.

Are you someone who wants to play a role in creating a community that values well-being? Do you have life-experiences, expertise, or skills that give you a unique perspective on what helps individuals and communities thrive? Do you care about Greater Green Bay and the people that call it home?

If so, Wello’s Well-Being Influencer Network (WIN) needs you!

Well-Being Influencers are positive, engaged doers.

group of people smiling from Wello

They make it their mission to activate and energize their community. Influencers range from those who are well known in their community to some with a quieter presence, youths to elders, lifelong residents to those new to the area.

We believe that to build a community that is truly well and prepared for the future, we need to acknowledge the full range of perspectives, personalities, and desires of its people.

And that is WIN.

Benefits to becoming a Well-Being Influencer.

Join a community dedicated to exploring and using well-being tools in their everyday lives.

Learn how to create positive change in your community.

Share your perspective and life experiences.

Be part of Greater Green Bay’s well-being story.

Ready to join our winning team?

Click the button below to get started. Together let’s make a difference in Greater Green Bay!