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Science of Well-Being: Flatten the Curve

Have you seen the hashtag #flattenthecurve trending on your social media feed?  

The “curve” in question reflects the number of people infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the idea is that there are two scenarios.  One, we go about business as usual, which will result in a huge number of people coming down with the virus at the same time - and risking overwhelming our healthcare system - or two, we take steps to slow the rate of infection, which will slow the number of people who need acute care for COVID-19 from a flood to a flow. And, a steady flow of patients is far more manageable than a flood for our health systems.

Another key take-away:  we don’t want to just survive this challenge - we want to find ways to thrive.  For this task we look to the Science of Well-Being to identify ways we can create resiliency and support each other.   

Tips to help #Flattenthecurve from the Four Areas of Well-Being 

Physical Health:  You’ve heard it and seen it everywhere - handwashing can help us avoid spreading COVID-19.  But there are other tips that may help us stay healthy. Regular physical exercise, good sleep and a diet filled with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables support a healthy immune system.  Use this time to cook simple but healthy meals, and take time to enjoy what you prepare. If your children are in need of meals, check out this link to the Green Bay Area Public School District’s meal program times and locations for pick-up. Children do not need to attend the district to receive the meal. 

Psychological Health:  Stay on top of your mental health by regularly practicing relaxation or meditation.  Another key to staying mentally strong is purpose. Where can you make a difference today?  Actions as simple as calling those you know who are vulnerable, family, or friends for some “virtual” social interaction time to check-in or engaging with a local non-profit can move you from anxious to empowered.  

Social Relationships:  So how do we maintain our social relationships during a time of distancing?  It’s true that we need to follow social distancing recommendations but we are also lucky that many of our social interactions can take place virtually.  We encourage you to find virtual events to attend - especially those that support local business - like online yoga or fitness classes or a virtual church service.   

Environments:  There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis creates a challenge for health care, transportation, financial resources, education systems, living conditions and our feelings of safety.  Yet there’s also an opportunity to learn what works and what does not, so we can plan for a better future. Our overarching goal should be to not only #flattenthecurve for the spread of illness, we should also #flattenthecurve of who is impacted.  Some of the most vulnerable among us will be the hardest hit. What needs to change to improve the health and well-being of all in our community?   

And that’s the most essential message.   At Wello we are steadfast and committed to the well-being of all who live, work, learn and play in Greater Green Bay.  Our goal is to not only weather this crisis but to champion well-being at every level so we can emerge stronger than ever!  

We understand that many people, families and businesses are suffering during these uncertain times - physically, emotionally, and economically. In an effort to do what we can, we will continue to share resources as they become available and provide hope to cope with this uncertainty. Here’s a way you can help.

Do you know of a well-being hero - an individual or business - that you’d like to see recognized? Someone that continues to build community, share kindness, and restore hope during this time of uncertainty? If so, send us a short blurb about who and why they are a well-being hero at and they could be featured on our social media page! 

For up-to-date information on the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Brown County, please visit Brown County’s website.

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