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Ashwaubenon Aims to Increase Connectivity For All

Exciting news out of the Village of Ashwaubenon regarding their commitment toward helping to build a more active and connected Brown County for all! On January 25, 2022, the Ashwaubenon Village Board passed an ordinance requiring all new residential subdivisions to include pedestrian accommodations.

Pedestrian accommodations mean sidewalks, paved paths running parallel to streets, off street trails, mid-block crossings, public access easements, public right-of ways between parcels, or a combination thereof. This change ensures staff members working with developers understand the Village values access for all and their subdivision needs to be developed in that manner.

"This is a great step toward accommodating all road users (walkers, bicyclists, motor vehicle operators) in the Village of Ashwaubenon," said Tracy Flucke, Ashwaubenon Village Trustee. "It will move us closer to our mission of making Ashwaubenon a community of choice to live, work and play by providing safety, mobility and access for all."

Ashwaubenon Sidewalk 1
Ashwaubenon Sidewalk 2

The Village Board also voted to include several new and extended sidewalks in their Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. These additions will help guide pedestrian accommodations as areas of the Village develop or redevelop.

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