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We’re on a mission to co-create community conditions that are fair and just to drive high levels of health and well-being for all. Wintermission is a key project to think differently about how we can improve well-being, accessibility, and livability in the Green Bay community during the coldest months of the year.

Taking action

To help kick off Wintermission, we have a short survey to ask you how to create a better winter experience for you. Click here to take the 10-question survey.

A goal of Wintermission is to focus on low cost, high impact opportunities to make life better in the winter.  We have three areas of focus: policies and systems; infrastructure; and projects.

Policies and Systems


Identify policies and systems that support people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to enjoy winter in a safe, accessible way. Review current practices and bring key partners to the table.

Look at how our community is designed. Are there short connections that are missing, that if existed, could better connect people to the places they need to go? What has been successful in other winter cities?


This focus area brings Wintermission to life. Our strategy is to focus on innovative projects that provide warmth, light, and movement. 

Warmth: Let’s be real. It can get pretty cold in Wisconsin. That’s why this project strategy focuses on physical places and improvements so people can warm-up while fostering community connection to combat loneliness and isolation. 

Light: Winter can be dark. This strategy ensures we are lighting areas for safety and use during long winter nights. Light is also used during events such as outdoor winter concerts, ice bars, etc.  

Movement: We’ve all been there. Winter comes and we simply don’t move as much. Projects or activities that encourage physical activity, connection with others, and access to active transportation options (walking, biking, and public transportation) take center stage in traditional and non-traditional ways.

Keeping sidewalks free of snow and ice improves neighborhood walkability, a key component of Wintermission. In Brown County, snow and ice removal ordinances vary by municipality. By clicking on the map below, you can view your local ordinance and learn how to report unmaintained sidewalks.

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