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$550,000 Grant Supports East River Water Trail Project

Clear waters ahead!

The East River Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project has been selected by the Fox River/Green Bay Natural Resource Trustee Council (NRDA) for implementation. The Council has agreed to allocate $550,000 towards the proposed project. This brings the project's total to $1,050,000 when combined with the $500,000 in Brown County ARPA funds that were allocated earlier this year.

The East River Water Trail Project aims to improve the water quality, habitat, environment, and recreational opportunities along the East River. The project is a collective effort towards a shared vision for a waterway where friends meet, families create memories, and our natural environment thrives. The project's environmental components are set to begin in 2023 with additional funds being sort for accessible kayak launches along the waterway.

Wello is a proud partner and collaborator on this community well-being initiative. Thank you to Tom Bayer for this photo.

You can learn more about this project and how it came about by reading our first Community Story about the East River Water Trail here.

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