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Responding to the Top Reasons People Aren’t Taking the Well-Being Survey

All people. Thriving. No exceptions. This is a vision of what your life and the life of every person in our community can be. The first step toward making that a reality is to understand where we are at at this moment in time. To do that, we must ask.

The Wello Community Health and Well-Being Survey is Wello’s tool to do just that. You can take the survey now by clicking here! The survey is anonymous, available in English and Spanish, and is open to residents 18 years and older. The survey is a platform to share your personal experiences and what your well-being story looks like. 

The survey has been open for just over three weeks. If you have already completed the survey, thank you from all of us at the Wello team! If you have not, please take five minutes to complete the survey and encourage your family and friends to do the same. 

Here are some of the common misconceptions we have heard from people on why they haven’t taken the survey (or don’t plan to).


“You probably don’t need to hear from me.”

This could not be more true! The strength of this data collection tool comes from having as many people as possible take the survey. Each individual's experience when it comes to your well-being is unique and it all plays a role in the larger picture of what our community’s overall collective well-being looks like. So yes, we want to hear from you because your well-being is not only valued, it is important. The strength of this data lies in the fact that it is representative of our community as a whole, so we need all members of our community to take it. Wello and our partners want to take action and create a positive impact for all and the Wello survey can create the roadmap of what the community wants and needs. 


“It’s just a survey, what can you actually do with my answers?” 

A great way to ensure what you're doing is working or moving the needle is to track data and to be intentional in what you do. The Wello Well-Being Survey provides data that allows for that intentionality piece to happen because this data is giving us a real time snapshot of our community. This is not state level or national level data which may overlook opportunities or challenges that are specific to a community or region. This data also allows for many people in our community, whether that be in government, nonprofits, businesses, healthcare, neighborhood associations, and others to make decisions and allocate resources based on what our community has said. Examples of how Wello has taken action on this data include projects like supporting mental health of kids in our schools, launching the Yield to Your Neighbor campaign, and addressing hunger in ways that support local farms. 


“I’ll do it later.”

You have probably received multiple emails asking you to take the survey, have seen it come across your social media feed, or heard about it in some shape or form and want to take the survey, but have probably thought “not right now” or “I still have time to do it.” The survey takes roughly five minutes to complete. By taking it right now not only can you cross it off of your to-do list, you have provided valuable insight into our community’s collective well-being and you can enter yourself in a drawing to win one of five $100 gift cards! 

Want to get involved in helping us gather community perspectives?  Contact to get a Survey Champion Tool Kit that you can share with your personal and professional networks Again, you must be 18 years or older to take the survey and it is open through August 31st. You can find the confidential survey here.  From all of us at Wello, thank you! 

This story ran as our August Green Bay Press-Gazette column.

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