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Wello Welcomes New Members to Board of Directors

Last month, Wello welcomed three new members to our Board of Directors. They include Allie Barthen, Melinda Danforth, and Sri Kantamneni. You can see the full Wello Board by scrolling down on the About page.

Allie Barthen

Allie is the Senior Director, Client Delivery for Breakthrough. 

"I have a passion for our community, as I was born and raised here," said Barthen. "I believe in what Wello is doing in our community, and I wanted to join a leadership team where I can help and support to drive and make change real. This is a way for me to show my children how you can get involved to help make a stronger community for family and friends." 

She hopes to provide innovative and forward-thinking ideas and then work as a board to understand what components of those ideas we can or cannot use to make an impact on our community.

Melinda Danforth

Melinda  is the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Oneida Nation.

"Wello’s vision to 'co-create community conditions that are fair and just to drive high levels of health and well-being for all', aligns significantly with the Oneida Nation’s vision 'A Nation of strong families built on Tsi’niyukalihota (our ways) and a strong economy,'” said Danforth. "I realize that our communities have to work together to advance the quality of life for all people in our community."

She hopes to bring the unique perspective of the Oneida Community to the table, and advance community values that we all represent. Relationship development, access to data, and ability to bring people together to have conversations about well-being and quality of life will hopefully contribute to Wello fulfilling its mission, vision and goals. With a background in advocacy at the national, state and local level, she is hopeful that she can contribute to Wello’s amazing objectives.

Sri Kantamneni

Sri is the Sr. Vice President, Chief Information & Digital Officer for Schreiber Foods.

"I’m newer to the Green Bay community and was looking for ways to engage and contribute in this community," said Kantamneni. "My passions lie around impacting the three foundational pillars of society, which in my mind are education, food and health. In my day job, I get to impact food and nutrition every day. Wello was a great way for me to impact the two others in education and health."

He hopes that he can help impact Wello’s vision and mission by being a multiplier, a dot connector, and ultimately, enhance and accelerate the conditions in our community to help everyone thrive.

Welcome is thrilled to welcome these three leaders to the Wello Board and team and we looked forward to working with them to drive positive change to the well-being of our community!

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