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Farm to Community

Farm to Community Out of the box thinking is at the heart of Wello’s work to create links between local producers and people who need food in the community. For the past three years, our multi-sector Cultivating Community Farm to Food Assistance team has operationalized the distribution of locally-sourced, organic produce boxes to families in need through trusted channels: COMSA, Casa ALBA Melanie, We All Rise: African American Resource Center, Crusaders of Justicia Mobile Pantry, and Vivent Health. This model emerged from feedback that while desire for fresh produce is strong in the clients served by these organizations, access to local, nutritious food for these populations is fraught with barriers including transportation, logistics, price, cultural relevance, and trust. Once our team centered nutritious food distribution efforts on the lived experience and needs of these communities, demand soared. The program also surfaced targeted interventions with the potential to generate broad benefits, including the processes and equipment purchases that have helped make it much easier for resource centers to provide access to local food, such as getting a refrigeration right on-site.

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As we model local food procurement needs, we are seeing more and more community-minded groups following our lead.  In the summer of 2023, we piloted a new “Farm to Force” initiative to bring farm-fresh produce into the Green Bay Police Department so that department staff could snack on fresh, nutritious food!

This video tells the story of Farm to Force bringing fresh produce to the Green Bay Police Department.

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