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Resolve to Make 2019 a WINning Year

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Happy New Year! We here at Wello are a little bored with making the same old New Year’s Resolutions to eat right, move more, spend less time on our screens, so on and so forth.  While personal resolutions are great, our organization is all about putting the “we” back in well-being, so it’s our New Year's wish that everyone in our local area resolve to make a positive contribution to the community in 2019.

Research shows that when people get involved with community - whether engaging in activities that benefit a group - e.g. rec league basketball or ballroom dance club - or society - volunteering or working for a cause - they tend to be healthier and happier.  According to Healthy People 2020 (yikes, remember when 2020 seemed far away?), getting involved improves health in some surprising ways. First, participating in group activities expand our social networks which builds our feelings of trust and belonging.  It also reduces the stressors and negative health consequences of isolation. Second, people who join or participate in groups tend to be more physically active. And, finally, there’s the sense of purpose and pride that comes from adding benefit to the lives of others.  

We know, we know... life is busy.  Sometimes it can be really hard to know where to start. But, really, enough with the excuses. We’ve whipped up some awesome, community-based New Year’s Resolutions to make the process turnkey.

Shop Local:  This is a super-easy and fun resolution.  When you shop local, the local economy thrives.  And, if you strike up a conversation with the person behind the counter, chances are you’ll make a connection that deepens your understanding and appreciation of our community.  In terms of physical activity, this is a no-brainer. Ordering through Amazon vs. actually walking into a store and shopping? No comparison!

Take a Class:  This resolution takes a little more gumption, but not much.  Discover kickboxing, join a recreational sports league or a card club... just pick something that makes you interact with others and do it.  Whatever it might be. There’s an activity out there waiting to welcome you. For folks who are newer to getting involved, or who really like structure, classes can be an easy way to enter a group situation.  And, you stimulate your brain while you’re at it!

Pick a Cause and Volunteer:  Be the “cat grandpa” who brushes the strays at the local pet shelter or visit a local retirement community and play cards.  Volunteering is associated with all sorts of physical and mental benefits and opportunities to volunteer in Greater Green Bay abound (check out the Volunteer Center to get started). Volunteering not only increases the circumference of your social network, it can also help you challenge preconceptions and expand your experiences, a good mental work out, for sure.

Join Wello’s Well-being Influencer Network (WIN):  If you’re really not sure where to start, you can also join Wello’s WIN.  This is a group of folks who are dedicated to exploring and using well-being tools in their everyday lives and want to create positive change in their community.  

Wello is actively seeking people to join WIN. Members will get some great benefits, including monthly tips to increase well-being and invitations to local events that celebrate well-being and connecting with others. Sign-up is easy. Visit and click on Well-Being Influencer Network. We hope you'll join the WIN community!

From all of us at Wello, Happy New Year!

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