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You Voice, Our Well-Being

We have been anxiously awaiting summer’s arrival. Yes, the warmer temps, community events and an abundance of outdoor activity top our list, but also because we our launching Wello’s Community Well-Being Survey! 

Maybe the word “survey” doesn’t make you want to throw a block party, but after over a year of careful research, planning, and pilot testing, we are excited to let YOU tell us how you are feeling about your well-being. Together, we can then implement local solutions to the well-being challenges that exist in our neighborhoods. But why does that matter? 

Up to 80% of a person’s health can be linked to factors other than medical care including the conditions where you are born, live, work, learn, worship and age. In other words, your zip code is a greater predictor of your health and life expectancy than your genetic code.  

Our individual health and well-being is largely determined by the place we live, but a place is more than just a collection of zip codes. Greater Green Bay is known around the world for its famous football team, squeaky cheese, and beautiful shoreline. But for the over 262,000 people who live in Brown County, it’s also home.  

High well-being and a good quality of life is a reality for some local residents. But for many, barriers still remain. So to solve these complex problems, we need to ask the right questions. This is the reason Wello is introducing a well-being survey asking residents of Brown County to identify the most pressing problems affecting their well-being because no one knows better the issues, problems, or obstacles that are preventing high well-being than you.

Starting on July 13th and running through August 31, 2019, the survey will be available to establish a baseline of well-being in our community. The survey, available in English and Spanish, takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. To participate, you must be a Brown County resident and at least 18 years of age. We will measure our collective progress when we repeat the survey at two-year intervals.  

Wello is partnering with local researchers at UW - Green Bay’s Consortium of Applied Research and St. Norbert College’s Strategic Research Institute along with community partners Brown County United Way and Brown County Public Health on this project with support from the Basic Needs Giving Partnership. You can learn more about our survey by visiting our Measurement page.

You can take the survey by clicking on the banner on our homepage and also share the link with your family, friends, and colleagues. Thank you from the Wello team!

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