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Be There *AND* Be Square

Question for you.  What have you done in public this month?

While it might sound silly, it’s an important question.  As Greater Green Bay’s well-being network, Wello wants people to know how powerful it can be for your own, and others’, well-being to participate in public life of the community.  And by public we don’t mean running for office or attaining local celebrity status.  

We literally mean going outside and hanging out in public spaces.  

How does being publically present in the community grow well-being? There are likely a lot of factors, but here are a few we’ve been pondering lately.  

First, outside is an uncontrolled environment.  So much of our daily life is now under our (perceived) control.  Our own preferences, like never before, dictate who and what fills our lives.  Algorithms dish up movies and shows based on our viewing history and social media serves up stories and people it thinks we should know.  But stepping outside we move away from algorithms into direct experience, which is exhilarating.  

Second, when we move into public spaces that draw a mix of community members, we begin to discover a more nuanced sense of belonging.  There’s nothing as affirming as bumping into familiar faces from different facets of our daily life. There’s the bagger from the grocery store that always takes such care with the vegetables!  That’s my son’s math teacher! Isn’t that the gal who works in the office suite next to mine? It is - she just waved!

Greater Green Bay provides a number of local “town-square” type places.  There are multiple farmers markets, Dine on the Deck, yoga in Voyageur Park - among many - and of course, the Packers’ Titletown District and Lambeau Field.  Step out and explore one today!

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