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Connecting for Well-Being: Calling All Landlords

Affordable, stable housing is essential to equitable health and well-being. Now, more than ever, this is at stake for many in our community. Check out this discussion on current housing insecurities our neighbors are experiencing in Brown County and how you can help.

House of Hope, Golden House, Freedom House Ministries, Newcap and Brown County Housing Authority guide us in our discussion and provide us with a greater understanding of the current need, the funds and supports available to support family housing, and the unique role landlords could play to support our local families.

If you are a landlord and would like to connect with one of these organizations to help a person or family in need -

Contact House of Hope at - Shannon Wienandt at

Contact Golden House at - Cheeia Lo at

Contact Freedom House at- Leanna Povish at

Contact Newcap at - Debbie Bushman at

Contact Brown County Housing Authority at - Patrick Leifker at

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