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Well-Being: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The legendary Tina Turner asked the question “What’s love got to do with it” as she captivated hearts and souls in her 1984 song. Her powerful vocals, boundless energy, and eclectic flare built a community of loving, global fans. 

Love. It’s a term often used between two people to showcase their admiration and affection for one another. Like Tina Turner, love is one of the most popular subjects of songs, books, and movies. Many religions refer to “loving thy neighbor” underscoring its importance throughout history. At Wello, we also believe love is central to achieving our vision of a community where all people have fair and just opportunities for well-being. 

At a community-level, love promotes kindness, compassion, and connection to our neighbors.  Love not only deeply connects us with one another, it deeply connects us with a sense of place and purpose. Wello believes that well-being is much more about the how rather than the what. Forged through trust and by working together, Wello aims to co-create a strong sense of community that results in feelings of belonging, inclusion, support, and love

In many ways, love is ubiquitous to well-being. So, how do you measure it? How are we doing as a community? Wello’s Community Health and Well-Being bi-annual survey asks residents how they feel about their daily lives, including questions relating to their sense of belonging, inclusion, and membership within the Greater Green Bay community. 

Our most recent data from 2023, showed that about 78% of people either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that they saw themselves as a member of the community. When asked if people felt like they belonged, 58% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement. Finally, 43% of people agreed or strongly agreed that the culture is accepting of people with different ideas. These three questions and their related responses give us a glimpse into how connected and supported people feel in Greater Green Bay. But it doesn’t stop there.

Wello will be releasing our comprehensive Wello Community Health and Well-Being report in February that provides an in-depth analysis of how people in our region are feeling about their well-being, including a deeper dive into who is thriving, struggling, and suffering. We also invite you to attend the Wello Well-Being Summit on February 14, 2024 for a summary of our results and stories of how we are collectively bringing local data to action (free - register at Our hope is that this shared community data can prompt critical conversations around how we can come together, through a central value of love, to co-create a community where all people thrive. 

So, what does love have to do with it? At Wello, we think it’s everything.

This story ran as our 2024 February Green Bay Press-Gazette column.

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