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Yield to Your Neighbor

The number one action we can all take to improve safety and reduce crashes throughout our community is yielding. The Yield to Your Neighbor campaign highlights this one action so people of all ages and abilities are able to safely move throughout our community by bike, foot, or on wheels. So why yield? Because it’s…

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2021 Well-Being Summit

Here is a recording of the 2021 Wello Well-Being Summit held on February 23, 2021. Our theme, Advancing Health Equity and Justice, brought together leaders, researchers and community advocates to explore the steps we need to take to work together towards a community that supports high levels of health and well-being for all.

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Food Security During COVID-19

Food Security During COVID-19 Community Project Wello was chosen as a recipient of a Wisconsin Partnership Program (WPP) COVID Response Grant. Wello will partner with Casa ALBA Melanie – Hispanic Resource Center and four of our local farmers markets (Downtown Green Bay, Inc., OnBroadway, Inc., Market on Military, and Oneida Market) to address food insecurity…

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GB Parks Rx

GB Parks Rx Community Story GB Parks Rx is a local, clinically based collaborative effort between the City of Green Bay, Prevea Health, Wello and the Wisconsin Beverage Association helping to prevent and reduce childhood obesity and encourage healthy lifestyles through increased connections to parks and recreation. Participants in the program fill out activity logs to document their activity…

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Well on Wheels

Well on Wheels Community Story Well On Wheels is a joint project between Wello and WE BIKE, etc. to explore the ties between well-being efforts in Green Bay and those blossoming across the country.  As our friends Tracy and Peter Flucke tackle a 5-month, 7000 mile cross-country tandem bike ride, Wello is following their progress,…

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Farmers’ Markets for All!

Green Bay's Broadway Farmer's Market

Farmers’ Markets for All! Community Story Wello brought together the partners and resources necessary for low-income individuals to use food assistance dollars (SNAP) at Green Bay farmers Markets. Each year, this initiative increases access to fresh, local foods for an estimated 2,000 low-income community members and generates more than $26,000 for local farmers. This program…

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Mindfulness in the Classroom

Mindfulness in the Classroom Community Story Stress and anxiety in our children and teens is increasing at an alarming rate.  Wello’s a system-level, capacity-building approach is helping schools implement mindfulness tools to support the social and emotional health of students.  With support from Leadership Green Bay in 2018, a Mindfulness Room was established at Washington…

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Active, Accessible and Safe Community

3 people posing by a bike in Green Bay

Active, Accessible and Safe Community Community Story Wello received the WI Active Together designation in January of 2019 in recognition of our work to grow an active, connected community for residents of all ages and abilities and commitment to continue. Highlights of this work that led to the designation include mediating an agreement to make…

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One small stretch of road, one giant leap for well-being

One small stretch of road, one giant leap for well-being Community Story Once a relative backroad, in less than a decade Hoffman Road has transformed into an important thruway to the new residential, retail and dining developments on the east side.  And not just for cars. Safety concerns began to surface to the Greater Green…

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Steps Toward a Walkable Green Bay

Steps Toward a Walkable Green Bay Community Story After helping identify and apply for state-level funds to support the creation of a Green Bay Area Public School District (GBAPS) Safe Routes to School Program, Wello participated in the development of the City of Green Bay’s Bike/Pedestrian Plan. This major step forward ensures future bike/pedestrian safety,…

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