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Understanding Pandemic Benefits at the Market

A key area of well-being is our physical health and under that falls diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables plays a major role in a healthy diet, but access to that fresh produce is just as important, especially for those disproportionately affected in our community by  income or transportation barriers.

It takes the community coming together to address such a large scale challenge and we are fortunate to have partners both at the state  and locally such as the Wisconsin Partnership Program and Brown County United Way to help support this work. 

We would also like to thank our partners at FoodWIse UW-Madison Division of Extension Brown County for creating videos explaining how to use P-EBT (FoodShare) and P-DYB (Double Your Bucks) at our four accepting markets - Farmers' Market on Broadway, Oneida Market, Market on Military, and Saturday Farmers Market.

These resources are available in both English and Spanish.

How to apply for and use P-EBT

*P-EBT application open through July 31st

Using P-EBT and Double Your Bucks at the Farmers Market

Que es P-EBT y como usarlo para alimentarnos sanamente

Usando P-EBT y DOuble Your Bucks en el Mercado de Agricultores

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