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The Jicama Effect

What does jicama, a delicious crunchy vegetable that plays a key role in Hispanic cuisine, have to do with well-being?  It’s kind of a cool story.   But before we talk about jicama, we need to talk about social connectedness. Connectedness is a hot topic in our world, because research repeatedly demonstrates a strong connection between…

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Ashwaubenon Aims to Increase Connectivity For All

Exciting news out of the Village of Ashwaubenon regarding their commitment toward helping to build a more active and connected Brown County for all! On January 25, 2022, the Ashwaubenon Village Board passed an ordinance requiring all new residential subdivisions to include pedestrian accommodations. Pedestrian accommodations mean sidewalks, paved paths running parallel to streets, off street…

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Brown County Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration of the history and culture of the U.S. Latinx and Hispanic communities. The event, which spans from September 15 to October 15, commemorates how those communities have influenced and contributed to American society along the way in U.S. History. The term Hispanic or Latino or the more recent…

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Yield to Your Neighbor Launches for Brown County

Yield to Your Neighbor Blog

Wello has launched their latest co-created community effort to improve well-being for all in Brown County with the Yield to Your Neighbor campaign. The number one action we can all take to improve safety and reduce crashes throughout our community is yielding. This campaign highlights this one action so people of all ages and abilities…

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize Finalist

The City of Green Bay has been chosen as a finalist community for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize following its joint application with Wello. Green Bay is one of nine finalists across the country moving one step closer to the national prize which honors communities working at the forefront of…

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Put a Pandemic on Your Plate

For 15 years, the International Food Information Council’s Food and Health Survey has polled U.S. consumers with the goal of surfacing their perceptions, beliefs, and practices around food and food purchasing decisions.  It’s a good read in any year, but this year the survey took place against the backdrop of a global pandemic and included…

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Can Cutting Curbs May Make Us Healthier?

No, that’s not a new fad diet.  When we talk about “curb cuts,” we’re talking about a concept from the science of community well-being first outlined by Angela Glover Blackwell in her article “The Curb Cut Effect,”  published  in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) in Winter 2017.  In the piece, Glover challenges the widely…

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Understanding Pandemic Benefits at the Market

A key area of well-being is our physical health and under that falls diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables plays a major role in a healthy diet, but access to that fresh produce is just as important, especially for those disproportionately affected in our community by  income or transportation barriers. It takes the community coming…

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